Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Rides over 5/6 April

There was a bit of a split of riders this weekend.  Paul, Tim and Robin, plus some new invitees (two of whom were too hot and sped off on their own) set-off at 0645, but were immediately hampered by Tim having two punctures early on.  Andy M, Mike and I set off at 0800 intending to do the same route as last week (well at least Andy and Mike were, I had plans of getting back a bit earlier).  The weather was much more pleasant but still not that warm but at least there was not much wind this time.

After 50-odd miles we had ascended Ivinghoe for the 2nd time and stopped for a food break. Tim then appeared behind us with the early group.  At this point we all split up again, my left knee was hurting make a complementary pair with Paul whose right knee was giving him problems.  Robin also decided to return home, so four of us set off back to Harpenden.

 This left Andy M, Mike and Tim to press on, Mike and Andy did 91 miles and Tim did 104 miles when adding on his trip to Harpenden from home.  Well done, the first ton of the year.

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