Friday, 18 April 2008

Best Etape route so far (and you can upload to a Garmin)

After my pleading in the last but one entry, this map (now) looks like the real McCoy. There are so many mapping sites around, this is the first time I have come across MapMyRide. This also allows you to upload the map to your Garmin (as a course) and then add notes at important points of the ride. Clive the Datameister has kindly fixed this route so it now seems spot on; both for climbing and distance.


Datameister said...

Not quite the real McCoy, If I have chance I'll try to correct it. According to the French version of the Etape website, the route early on turns west just after Rebenacq, and goes through Bourdettes, hence reducing it to the 169km.

Take a glance at the post I made in October/November called "Its Official-ish" I think that's accurate.

Datameister said...

Of course, I meant EAST!!

Datameister said...

And I think this will be close