Tuesday, 29 April 2008

How to make training boring

Last weekend we went on a 100 mile ride over an extended version of the edge of the Chilterns route that we have been doing since Xmas including all the old climbs: Felden Lane, Potten End Hill, Whelpley Hill. Pedley Hill, Ivinghoe Beacon, Dunstable Downs etc. The ride was so boring though as for each climb when got to the top, we just went back down again and did it again. This did mean we did 2500m of climbing though. I have included the profile in the picture above, it just looks like a badly constructed saw. My motivation of more of this over the next three months has really dropped. The weather on 19 April was really cold and windy too which didn’t help the enthusiasm. We also set out with Craig, a fellow Etape entry, but definitely not a virgin. Craig was an excellent climber and was first to the top all of the later climbs. Mike and Andy stayed on for one last repeat of Pedley Hill, while I tucked in behind Craig back to Redbourn into a surprisingly nasty wind on a downhill section you can normally coast down. I had felt fine up to this point, but the last 3 miles back to Harpenden up the hill from Rebourn were really slow, I normally manage to put a bit extra up this last section, but my legs would just not respond. I was desperately low on energy and threw some food down as soon as I got home. Thanks to Craig for providing at least some change to our repetitive route. See Craig’s report here.

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