Monday, 25 February 2008

Weekend 23-24 Feb: Group ride on 23rd

There was a big turnout this weekend. The ride started at 0830 with Tim, Andy M, Mike, Paul, Andy C, myself and new-comer Craig. The weather was mild with 10-15mph SW wind. We set out on the 55 mile route via, Flamstead, Hemel, Bovingdon, Berkhamsted, Ashridge, Pedley Hill, Dagnall, Ivinghoe Beacon, Bison Hill, Studham, Gaddesden Row and Redbourn.

The ride quickly started to fall apart, with 3 punctures in the first 25 miles. By the finish we had had 5 punctures, poor old Andy C with 3, who abandoned after Ivinghoe Beacon. Mike split off due to a nasty looking bulge in his tyre to find a bike shop. Tim split off after Bison and Craig completed the ride back to Harpenden, but only Paul, Andy M and I sat down for coffee at the end at 1320, at least an hour later than scheduled due to the mechanicals. The pace seemed reasonable though in between with Craig winning most of the climbs, but Paul winning the final race up from Redbourn. I am not sure who won Bison, as I was too far behind.

Mike found the bike shop and then determinedly returned to the road, completing 68 miles, after an emergency stop in Redbourn for vital refueling. He then completed 34 miles on Sunday with a triple run at Pedley hill.


Andy C said...

"Brand new Pinarello for sale following 4 tube misery"
Thanks for your patience on Saturday guys - I finally made it back at 1.30pm - missing out the bison loop. In my anxiety to make sure there was not still something in the tyre when I got home I took it off and checked it carefully. On re-inflating it I must have nipped the tube in the tyre because at about 120psi they was a loud bang and that was the end of my 4th tube of the day!!

Badger said...

Where are you guys based? Sounds like the same stomping ground as me - based in St Albans. I'm another Craig, but not an etape virgin, did last year, and doing this year. Be interested to hear of any rides you are doing where you might welcome a guest.

Datameister said...

Nice to see the UK is not short of other loonies. Keep it up, and I'll see you on the start line.

Clive (another first-timer as are my three colleagues)

Omnisdjw said...

Thanks for the responses gentlemen, I am not sure we could possibly accommodate such a seasoned skinny climber into our select group of middle-aged middle heavy-weights, you might just get bored waiting.

More seriously though, I'll give you some feedback on your blog about joining us.