Friday, 1 February 2008

Tony Gibb World Championship silver medalist: Our coach and mentor?

Well, let's see if it does us any good, we have signed up a Worldclass professional (Tony Gibb) to coach and mentor us through the Etape training.   Tony races for the UK team PCA.  Tim arranged the meeting at the Harpenden Arms through Simon Barnes who runs Plowman Craven.

Are we deluded or what!   The one item, I think Tim and failed to negotiate with Tony was the cast iron guarantee that this training would mean we will avoid the dreaded broom wagon.

So here is what we are supposed to get for our money:

(1) An initial “Bike Fit” to get us properly set up on the bikes we own. Some of us own the bikes that we will be using at The Etape (three in number), and two have yet to receive the bike.

(2) Access to your team mechanic (where is he based?) no more than once a month - does it make sense we set this up in the diary so your mechanic comes to Harpenden (PCA office) on a given morning/afternoon and we simply head down if needed?

(3) A coach (or PCA team rider) to ride with us once a month and advise us on how to improve our technique. Again I would suggest we set this up in the diary as part of our training programme. It might be necessary to split this ride into two groups. Perhaps you can advise whether these be on the same day or alternate?

(4) Your coach (Greg Whyte) is to devise individual training plans to agree how much/ what type of training we need to do. I am assuming we will get an insight in the nutritional/hydration side of the game!

(5) Our body fat levels/ BMI will be monitored. I am interested to know whether the PCA machine might do the 3d scan – could be fun to put on our combined Blog site (see attached)

(6) We have access to the Evans 40% discount on goods over the term.

(7) There might be scope borrow bike bags subject to availability to help us transport bikes.

(8) We get access to the team masseur at a discounted rate of £30 per hr (normally £50 per hour)

(9) Telephone access to rider/coach for ad hoc enquiries (12 hour’ish call back).

(10) PCA kit on race day

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