Sunday, 10 February 2008

Mike meets Shaun the .....

The ride on Saturday was punctuated by an unexpected encounter with a flock of sheep running towards us. Anyway, Mike an Martin seemed spoilf for choice, "where's the mint sauce" Andy was heard to shout.

It was a beautiful spring-like day, with virtually no wind making it wonderful for cycling. Andy, Martin, Mike and I completed 54 miles, having managed to lose each other after 25 miles in Ashridge forest. This was partly as I managed to drop way behind having initially felt fine. I was at the point of considering giving up, when I discovered my back brake was stuck. What a relief this was, particularly having had the indignity of having Mike cruise past me as though I was standing still whilst the brake was on.

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Anonymous said...

Rumours that I am clinically obese are totally unfounded - weighed in after Sunday morning cycle at 14 st. 8 lbs. Still a way to go to reach my fighting weight.

Have to report this weekend's events:

Saturday 68 miles - Ashridge, Ivinghoe and Bison (+ detour back to Hemel for new tyre, almost causing me to miss Wales great victory through absence. Instead, I missed it through falling asleep in front of the telly.)

Sunday 34 miles - Vanilla ashridge route with a triple Pedley twist.