Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Personal bests

Whilst last week’s Wednesday evening ride was a washout, the pervious week was a lovely warm evening. Five of us set out to cover a time trial-ish 26 mile route via Markyate, Whipsnade, Studham, Gaddesden Row, Redbourn and St Albans. The route is far from flat with over a 1000ft of climbing, but three of us stormed round enabling me to record a personal best for this route of 1hr 14min or 20.3mph. Craig, Tim and I did work well as a team and stuck together until we dropped Tim on the rise out of St Albans and I just got clear of Tim in the last 2 miles. This was clear proof to me that the Etape training has been worth it and I am improving.

Andy C, Paul and Tim all entered the Kimpton 10k fun run this weekend and they also recorded best times, showing that the cardio benefits from our cycle training have had a spin-off on other disciplines too (and this is a group who has all competed in the London Triathlon more than once):

• Tim W – 39 min 35 sec (Improvement of 1 min 20 sec)
• Paul H – 41 mins (Improvement of many minutes – approx 4!)
• Andy Cole – I think was c.45mins (Improvement of c 2 min).

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Mike said...

So somebody's Garmin from the fun run suggests this wasn't a full 10k, so maybe your times were not quite as good as you think (;-)