Monday, 12 May 2008

Other activity over 10/11 May weekend

So whilst Tim and Paul were flying out to Milan, I was stuck there waiting for his plane back, after a couple of days in the Bergamo area on some client work. I should have taken my bike out and joined Tim and Paul. The Easyjet plane I was scheduled to get, was supposed to get me back to Gatwick at 1020, it eventually got me back at 0400. I rolled into bed at 0515 the same time I had got up the week before for our 100 mile effort. In fairness to Easyjet its plane was diverted twice. Firstly, on its way to Gatwick (prior to its journey out to Malpensa), it had to land at Bournemouth as the runway had been temporarily closed. When they eventually landed at Gatwick, a replacement crew had to be found as the original team had gone beyond their HSE working hours. When they eventually left for Malpensa, a jet had a blow out on the runway as my plane was queuing to land, leading it t be diverted to Bergamo. Finally, the plane regurgitated its passengers from London at 0230.

Given all this, I was not up for much cycling on Saturday. This left Andy mostly on his own, who managed 112 miles and 8000 ft of climbing, joined by Mike for the final 40 miles, who had been on the red-eye back from New York. I finally got out for 3 hours on Sunday morning from 0800 avoiding the really hot weather. Andy came out again and whilst he said he was tired, he put in a storming performance considering the previous day’s efforts and a dose of uncomfortable saddle soreness. I pushed pretty hard over the last 15 miles and was pleased to catch a few cyclists along the way.

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