Tuesday, 1 July 2008

What not to wear?

Well this is the final entry before the big day. We are traveling down by car on Thursday evening, staying overnight somewhere near Paris, with the aim of being in the vicinity of Pau on Friday night, so we can be in the town early on Saturday.

My ankle is much improved and based on a few short rides (max of 40 miles) there does not appear to be a problem, thank goodness I was not training for a marathon because running would have been impossible.

We are all wearing the Foska England shirt for the event, so please say hello if you spot us, are numbers are:
  • Paul H 3788
  • Andy C 3792
  • Tim 4945
  • Mike 4969
  • Craig 4970
  • Simon 4976
  • Andy M 6176
  • Robin 7165
Good luck to everyone who has entered and contributed to the blog, see you at the weekend.

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