Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sat 15 March ride - 3 times around the Ivinghoe Beacon loop

The weather forecast was not particularly good for the whole weekend, but clearly Saturday looked the better of the two days. So there was a good turnout at 0810 outside Chef Peking. Tim, Andy M, Mike, Paul and I set out on the route towards Ivinghoe, initially via Flamstead, Potten End Hill and Hemel. The weather turned out just about perfect for March, mild with hardly a breeze. As the morning wore on the sun came out and cheered us further.

As we ascended the hill on Felden Lane, we came across another group (going down) who were looking to join Hemel CC at the station. This meeting never happened and perhaps they mistook us for this group and they chased us down and reached us just before Bovingdon. We then joined forces for the next 20 odd miles. It was good to have some competition, particularly as one of their group (Colin I think) was pretty useful up the climbs (by our standards at least). So we had someone to push us along. This we clearly did as our average pace was up again from the previous week. After the first ascent of Invinghoe Beacon, the newcomers split off and headed home, whilst discussing potentially joining us again.

We then completed three ascents of Ivinghoe. Andy, Tim and I got separated from Paul and Tim on the third ascent and waited for 10 minutes at the pub in Whipsnade, but there was no sign and we pressed on home. We completed the 73 miles in under 4.5 hours (moving time), an average of 16.4 mph. We were pleased as we are clearly making progress, increasing the average speed, whilst also elongating the ride each time.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, good to meet up with you on Saturday. Great to get a mention on the blog too, particularly in such glowing terms !. I'm not sure I would have been so quick 2nd & 3rd time round ! You're doing what I need to be doing - elongating my rides. At the moment I am not often doing more than 3 hours max, so perhaps we can hook up another time - once I've got my bike fixed !

Last year, to prepare for the Sportive we worked up to doing several 6/7 hour 100 mile rides. We usually take in Brill on these. Been there yet - quite a good climb in the middle of Aylesbury vale.


Craigster said...

Well done gents - sounds a great ride. I made a bad choice and went out Sunday morning instead. I did 58 miles in driving rain and a 24mph northeasterly. I don't think I've ever been so cold on a bicycle before, and when I got back my feet had turned purple. Not fun - but I'm glad I prised myself out of bed now.

Omnisdjw said...


Please feel free to hook up again, let me know your email address, then I can include you on plans for future rides.

We are not entirely consistent in start times, but 0800 or 0830 from outside Chef Peking is our start time on Saturdays.


Omnisdjw said...


You must come along again, since you joined us we haven't had a single puncture, honest!

I can't imagine having survived 58 miles on Sunday, it was horrendous, well done.