Monday, 7 January 2008

I'm a Blog Virgin!

I am not sure isf this will work but in for a penny in for a pound eh!

Managed two rides this weekend - the first was from Kimpron out to Ware (guestimate 36 miles as I don't have the fancy computer that clearly A (I assume this is Simon?) has! Sunday I dragged myself out for a quick 1.25 hr ride which is my circuit around the village - plenty of hills and stayed in the saddle for all of them.

Simon - what computer do you use?


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Craigster said...

Well done Tim. I woke up on Sunday morning, full of intent, and even had my cycling gear by my bed. But the draw of the duvet was too much unfortunately, and within 20 minutes I was asleep again. Shame - was a great day for a ride too! Oh well, I'm definitely going to hit the turbo trainer this week.